John Kuhry, Sr. is host of Conversations with John Kuhry, Sr., which airs every Sunday at 8:30 pm ET.

An exciting and hard-hitting show with host writer/speaker, John M. Kuhry, Sr. in discussions of very relevant topics deemed “too hot” to be mentioned in today’s pulpits due to the political correctness of our popular culture. The show will feature discussions on the Roman Catholic Faith and provide call-in opportunities for questions and commentary.

John is a retired CEO of multiple companies, lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife of fifty years, is a father of four children, a grandfather of nine, and a great-grandfather of three. He’s also a golfer, author, and keynote speaker. John is a registered Republican, an authentic Roman Catholic, and detests modern politics.

John has written several books and recorded numerous talks available from his home page at

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4/13/2014: Indulgences

4/6/2014: HELL in 2014

3/30/2014: M A N, Part II

3/16/2014: M A N, Part I

3/9/2014: Divorce

3/2/2014: The Four Evangelists

2/23/2014: The Enemies of the Church, Part II

2/16/2014: The Enemies of the Church, Part I

2/9/2014: St. Joseph

2/2/2014: Perversion: Sodomy & Masturbation

1/26/2014: The Theological Virtues

1/19/2014: The Four Cardinal Virtues

1/12/2014: In Vitro Fertilization & Human Cloning

1/5/2014: The Decalogue in 2014

12/29/2013: The Year in Review

12/22/2013: Christmas Program – 2013

12/15/2013: The American Hierarchy

12/8/2013: The Immaculate Conception

12/1/2013: The Meaning of Advent

11/24/2013: Contraception – The Catholic Position

11/17/2013: Notes to the Eschaton

11/10/2013: Confession

11/3/2013: Marriage


10/20/2013: Procreation & Pro-Life

10/13/2013: The Paraclete

10/6/2013: The Sin of Scandal

9/29/2013: Explaining Our Apostolate

9/22/2013: The Souls in Purgatory

9/15/2013: John Paul the Great

 9/8/2013: Apostolic Vicars of Christ

9/1/2014: The Media Circus of Rio

8/25/2013: Our Lady of Fatima

8/18/2013: Prayer

8/11/2013: Evil in the Media

8/4/2013: Faith & Family

7/28/2013: Faith-Commentary on Lumen Fidei

7/21/2013: Linked Hypocrisy

7/14/2013: Homosexuality/Lesbianism in the Clerg – Part II

7/7/2013: Homosexuality/Lesbianism in the Clergy

6/30/201: Contemporary Heresy

6/23/2013: Padre Pio

6/16/2013: Teresa of Avila

6/9/2013: Catherine of Siena

6/2/2013: Francis of Assisi

5/26/2013: The Saints 750-1000

5/19/2013: Gregory the Great

5/12/2013: Augustine of Hippo

5/2/2013: John The Baptist

4/28/2013: Ego in the Catholic Church

4/21/2013: Hypocrisy, Hiccups & Hype

4/14/2013: Canon 915 et al.

4/7/2013: Catholic Parenting

3/31/2013: The Resurrection 2013

3/24/2013: Reverence Today

3/17/2013: Contraception--The Catholic Position

3/10/2013: Hypocrisy

3/3/2013: Homosexuality & Lesbianism

2/24/2013: Heresy

2/17/2013: St. Michael the Archangel

2/10/2013: Musings on Modesty


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